In the vast expanse of the Metaverse, a mighty force has arisen: One million EarthSoldiers, digital champions against all forms of injustice. Drawing inspiration from brave hearts across the globe, these warriors symbolize a united stand against tyranny, environmental harm, and the mistreatment of all beings.

# Most Humanitarian Blockchain Project! #Most utility based NTF collection!

The Genesis

In 1994, under the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine gave all of its nuclear weapons to Russia with the condition that the US, the UK, and Russia agree to guarantee Ukraine's security. However, in 2014, Russia blatantly violated this agreement by invading and annexing Crimea. Then, on February 24, 2022, Russia, under Putin's orders, launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine by bombing cities and killing people. Months later, the world got used to Putin killing Ukrainians but one million EarthSoldiers are gathering in the Metaverse to not let this happen. Will you be compassionate enough to materialize one of them?

Give and Learn

Let’s explore the Metaverse together.

– Open a MetaMask account.
– Buy an EarthSoldier NFT.
– See where your $25 go through the blockchain.
80% ($20) to Come Back Alive
20% ($5) to our DAO
– Your EarthSoldier acts as a membership card to our DAO

Benefits of being part of EarthSoldiers DAO:
– Voting rights.
– Access to our accounting.
– Access to our “members only” Discord.
– Access to our Metaverse world.


Q1. / 2023

Mint & Reveal
20.000 mint and reveal of EarthSoldiers.

Q2. / 2023

We will launch a community DAO in support of humanitarian issues worldwide and every individual who has minted an EarthSoldier will be a member of this DAO and have voting rights.

Q3 / 2023

Metaverse Integration
We will expand our presence in the metaverse and create an EarthSoldiers headquarters where current humanitarian and environmental issues will be presented and discussed.

Q4. / 2023

20.001-40.000 mint and reveal of EarthSoldiers..

Mint an EarthSoldier and join our DAO to stand up for peace, democracy, and freedom!
Let's Airdrop NFTs Not Bombs!

EarthSoldiers NFT Samples

Our Compassionate and Artistic Team

Visionary – Luis Rosenfeld
Artist – Marcela Fraga Rosenfeld
Programmer – Daniel Terragno
For siblings Luis Rosenfeld and Marcela Fraga Rosenfeld, this project and Russia’s violent aggression against Ukraine is not only about saving lives and standing up for justice, but takes on a personal note as well.  In 1938, their grandfather Polish Jew Alfred Rosenfeld escaped Lviv in the wake of the Holocaust.  One year later, in 1939, Hitler and the German army invaded Poland and World War II began.  At that time, Lviv was part of Poland.  Today, Lviv is part of Ukraine.  Don’t let Ukraine be another Poland in 1939.  Putin and the Russian army must be stopped now!

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